Grab a brand new jacket and step outside your house.
You feel something different.
What you see is a same scenery,
but brighter than yesterday.

Feel like something good is going to happen.
Walk slowly, not to miss out the happiness.

It is like a journey,
although your everyday life looks same as usual.
It is like you find a new world in your eyes.

Good morning, world!
How is today like?

“hanelca” is a brand of travel accessories and
itemsmade from high quality cotton
canvas and natural leather.
Not only for actual traveling,
we also hope our items
will make you happy and enjoy
the atmosphere of having
journey in your daily life.

Highly-selected materials are
all made in Japan,
and our original geometric patterns and
colors are inspired
by traditional Japanese design.

Canvas textile is made in an old established
factory in Kurashiki,
Japan which has over 130-years history,
and patterns are carefully hand-printed
in a traditional dyeing factory
in Kyoto established in 1913.

We hope to disseminate such precious and prominent
traditional Japanese industry widely across
the world by our products.