new year 2015 from hanelca



Happy New Year!! We hope you all are having pleasant holiday.
2014 was a productive year for hanelca. We are hoping this year to jump like a sheep which is an animal symbol of this year, and to make a breakthrough on our business.
By the way, let us introduce you our new assistants Hayato and Bunta! We adopted them from a dog protection group in the end of last year, and we are already thinking of producing pet supply as a new line of hanelca. A lot of ideas are in our mind! Just wait till you see. All our best for 2015!!



Wishing you a happy new year !!


Happy new year !!
May the New Year turn out to be the happiest and the best for you, and we hope 2014 will be a year of big progress for us. Thank you for your continuous support !



Time-trip to 100 years ago.



hanelca’s textile is printed in a factory in Kyoto which has 100 years history. I visited the for a meeting the other day.
When I visited them, a craftsman was printing Furosiki in the old wooden building. Our textile is printed in a same way by hands. As the fabric is thick and hard canvas, it was very difficult to find a factory which can print by hands. Of course no more such place in Tokyo area. Especially our cross stripe pattern can not be printed by machine, so our textile is kind of exclusive.
After visiting Kyoto, I moved to Okayama and visited the canvas textile factory. The company Takeyari was established 1888, and their machines and the building have been used since then. It was very impressive to see 24 weaving machines which has been working more than 130 years. This machine is no more in production, so they have to fix by themselves if any problem happens. I could imagine how it’s old to see some parts of the machine are made with wood. Finished textile is checked by human eyes, and flaws are fixed by hands. Such careful job has been going on every day for 130 years.
hanelca sticks to “Made in Japan” , and that’s because we respect such Japanese traditional industry and because we are hoping to present Japanese craftsmanship and traditions to all over the world. We are very happy if you would be interested in and understand our concept.



Thank you very much, and see you again soon !


Our first exhibition at “MaG Exhibition 2014 S/S Tokyo” was successfully ended. 
As our brand doesn’t have name recognition yet, we worried that we may not have so many visitors in our booth, but everything turned out more than we expected. 
The MaG exhibition was a small-size trade fair, but there was very good atmosphere between customers and other exhibitors, and we could enjoy conversations with many creative people. 
Thank you very much for all the people who visited our booth, and people who liked our products and said you want to buy one. It was really a great experience for us.
Thank you very much again, and see you again soon!
—- hanelca all staff



Good morning world!


Hi, there! We are a brand of travel bags and accessories founded by husband-and-wife team in Japan. The theme of our brand is “journey”, and our steps until the launch of the brand itself was also a long journey for us. Since the day we decided to make our brand a year and a half ago, we sometimes ran into an unexpected obstacle, went through a trial and error process, all but threw up our hands in frustration…, but thanks to people and collaborators we met on the way, we finally launched “hanelca”. We are looking forward to seeing a lot of people through hanelca’s products and are hoping to color your journey with our products. Thanks for stopping by.
—- hanelca all staff