Our brand name “hanelca” is a combination of the words and sounds for "jumping" and "deer" in Japanese.

We hope our items will make your step springy hopping from daily life into the world of journey, and jumping out from Japan to the world.
To be worthy of the origin of brand name “hanelca”, it is our aspiration that our brand will also make a big leap to the world awaiting us.

Our items are basically designed as travel accessories, but they are NOT limited to a travel scene.
We wish the items of “hanelca”, no matter where you are, always make you feel happy and feel like to skip down the street.

AYA bag designer, buyer
Daisuke Kawaura art director, designer, producer


508-2-408, Toyoshiki, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba, 277-0863, Japan
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